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Signs That Indicate You Might Want To Clean Your Air Ducts

Waukee Air Duct Cleaning understands the quality of air in your home is important and the system that heats, cools and circulates that air needs to be clean. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need air duct cleaning, read on…

Vent covers are covered with dust

The most obvious sign is if the vent covers are covered with dust, especially the cold air return vent covers. Since the cold air return vents have air coming into them, heading for the furnace, it makes sense that dust in that air can stick to the vent as it passes by. The cold air return vents should be the dirtiest vents and the one closest to the furnace should be the dirtiest.

Another thing to look for is dust buildup around ceiling vents. Over time, dust will stick to the sheetrock ceiling around the vent cover. That dust is coming out so you know it came from within the system.

Filters appear to be dirtier than normal

If it seems like the filter is getting dirtier than normal and needs changed more frequently, it is probably a good sign the air ducts need cleaned. Hopefully you’re using a good, pleated filter. Those cheap, see-through ones allow way too much dust through.

The electronic ones work too well. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “How can it work too well?” It catches every micron of dust and in doing so it will fill the filter very fast, requiring you to clean it monthly. It’s a pain in the rear to do. We recommend the good pleated filters. Change them out every 3-4 months.

Odors are coming from the vents

If you start noticing an odor coming from the vents, it might be a sign to clean the ductwork. In some cases, it could be a mouse that found it’s way into the system and died. We have seen other situations of where a pet likes to go potty or vomit inside a floor vent.

It’s easy to check that out because you should notice the smell coming from a particular room or area. If it smells throughout the entire house, chances are something is in the return side of the system. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to get the ducts cleaned.

You seem to be dusting all the time

If dusting seems to be a never-ending chore, you might need air duct cleaning. Remember this though, doors and windows open and close. When they open, air comes in and with it, dust. Also, if you have carpet, dust will always be present in that carpet. No matter how much you vacuum it, you can’t get all the dust out. When you walk across the floor you will stir up dust.

You have a newly constructed home or it was just remodeled

It’s a shame that many home builders don’t have an air duct cleaning company come in and clean the entire duct system before the new owners take occupancy. We clean the air ducts of several newly built homes and we find tons of saw dust, sheet rock dust, etc. We even find trash that has fallen in the floor vents from subcontractors.

If I were purchasing a new home, I would require the contractor have the air ducts cleaned. You paid good money for the house, clean air ducts is not to much to ask for.

Also get the air duct system cleaned after remodeling. Sheet rock dust and sawdust floating into the air are sucked into the air duct system and circulated throughout. You should be able to tell just by looking at the filter and inside the floor vents.

Purchasing a home with no prior knowledge of air duct cleaning

Like newly constructed homes, I think people who buy “used” homes should request air duct cleaning, especially if there is no record of prior air duct cleaning. It’s like wearing somebody else’s clothes that haven’t been washed. You just have no idea what is in the ductwork.

We clean a lot of old homes, like late 1800’s and early 1900’s and I can tell you those homes are the most difficult to clean. They are very dirty. If you live in a home of that age or are looking to buy an old home, you might consider getting the air ducts cleaned.

Don’t be fooled

Some companies will have you believe that if you hear sounds coming from the duct work that the ducts need to be cleaned. Don’t buy into that. I have yet to hear dust make noise.

Also, some companies will tell you if you’re heating and cooling bills are increasing or you are experiencing poor air flow, you need your ducts cleaned. Again, it would take an enormous amount of dust to plug up an air duct vent line. Think about it, if you restrict the flow of air in a 6-inch pipe down to 3 inches due to dust buildup, the air flow would actually speed up as it moves through the restriction. The blower motor is going to continue to create the same amount of pressure.


I hope you found this useful and if you have any questions regarding air duct cleaning, call us and we’ll be glad to answer your question the best we can. Waukee Air Duct Cleaning is always looking to assist people with their duct cleaning needs.

Remember, we also clean and repair dyer vents also.