Other Dryer Services

Dryer Cleaning

As you can see in the photo above, dryer lint has built up inside the dryer itself and it needs to be cleaned out. If it were to plug the flow tube it could cut off the air flow. If this happens you will not get the clothes dried plus it could cause a fire. Having Waukee Air Duct Cleaning clean the dryer vent line is important and should be done yearly but don’t forget to clean the inside of the dryer as well. 

We have a lot of experience when it comes to cleaning inside the dryer. Give us a call and schedule your dryer cleaning today!

Dryer Repair Services

The photo above shows us changing out a heating element. Occasionally the dryer doesn’t want to heat up and so the heating element needs to be replaced. But there are other things that can go wrong besides the heating element. 

Waukee Air Duct Cleaning can diagnose and repair dryer failure problems. Give us a call and schedule a home visit today!

Dryer Vent Line Rebuild

I don’t know how many times we have gone into a home where the dryer vent line is in terrible condition. Many times it’s the cheap aluminum tubing and elbows that easily break apart and the joints are put together with regular duct tape.

First of all, Waukee Air Duct Cleaning uses only galvanized metal, not aluminum, when we install and repair dryer vent lines. We want it to last! Second, we fasten the tubing and elbows together with HVAC steel tape. Steel tape won’t deteriorate when exposed to moisture like regular duct tape does.

Dryer Vent Line Re-routing

There are times when customes have us come look at their dryer vent line because it just seems way too long and it has too many 90 degree elbows, etc. Bottom line is that it is too long and the dryer can’t exhaust the air efficiently and the clothes don’t dry on the first cycle.

Waukee Air Duct Cleaning comes in and looks at the situation and we figure out the best way to exhaust the air flow and then we re-route (rebuild) a new dryer vent line so it can exhaust the air flow efficiently. 

If you are having issues with your clothes not drying and you think the dryer vent line is too long and has too many bends, give us a call and we can come look at it and give you our expert opinion!