Waukee Dryer Vent Cleaning


Free dryer vent cleaning when you schedule air duct cleaning

Roof hose + lint
Too much lint can cause a fire!

As you can see in the photo above, that is a lot of lint. That is definitely cause for a clothes dryer to not operate efficiently. It can also become a fire hazard. The dryer vent line should be cleaned evry other year and if you dry several loads each week, it should be cleaned yearly.

Scott cleaning
Clean your dryer vent line!

Looking at the picture above you see one of our techs using high compressed air and a "reverse spinner" to clean out a dirty dryer vent line. The air blows back at the tech which blows the lint outside. This line was dirty.

We also specialize in...

Cleaning the inside of dryers
Replacing transition ducts

Re-routing dryer vent lines
Re-building dryer vent lines
Service repair of dryers